Photo Research

Photo Research


Two Monsters!

Since work placement as a picture research illustrator at a small Melbourne publishing house, during my Professional Writing & Editing Diploma placement, I have researched photos and leased vectors/photos to illustrate my texts, which are apparent in my Silver Grail and children’s texts. I have also included personal photos (below). 

Illustrating is a unique opportunity to expand and enhance our written content, and to add a unique visual dimension to our literary works. By including photo illustrations, we frequently have the opportunity to demonstrate wit too, which may add humour or provoke a response.

 I may have startled this parrot.  The miracle of camouflage is evident in my photo. The replication by the flying green parrot of the shape and colour of the monstera shrub leaf is extraordinary.

Normally this parrot is a rainbow lorikeet with yellow and blue around the neck, orange belly with bright-green back and wings–yet at this moment, it matches the plant. 

Above right, the photo of the monster is leased by me from Shutterstock picture library as an illustration for my texts.