I am available for workshops. I specialise in speculative fiction, non-fiction, poetry and family research. Australian Society of Authors (ASA) rates apply. Our voices count.

I am a trained and accomplished Professional Writing & Editing Diploma Graduate who has spent several years developing skills in small publishing. I am also a trained and experienced English and Humanities teacher, so my skills are relevant to education, which enhances my ability to write and produce appropriate texts.


TITLES by Marie Lukic sole trader and author

My goal is commercial success.

  • My website is one of my primary assets. Thew others are the texts I have developed and designed for commercial gain.
  • I am intent on developing as a sole trader to enhance sales and business performance.
  • I envisage growth during the next few years and fund all of my own texts personally.
  • I feel the necessity to define my assets as an Australian writer and book professional, capable of further development.
  • I urge anyone interested in my texts to contact me via email and avoid any third party interference. I am self-publishing.
  • The titles below are exclusively owned by me, Marie Lukic, an Australian sole trader who has written each of the following texts.
  • License issuers without my consent need to organise immediate discussion about terms, conditions and prices/fees.
  • Licenses need to contact me for negotiated fair work payment in line with a negotiated agreement.
  • For further information, or for performance, film, production licenses and information, please contact me exclusively via email at
  • My abn number is 51879938252
  • I have also  designed and in many cases illustrated the texts.
  • I have printed some of my own books, or  prepared them for digital publication.
  • I own all of the preceding drafts and designs of my literary and illustrated texts, which I have written while self-employed.
  • I have leased relevant vectors from Shutterstock, or used my own personal photos and research and these are subject to change and revision as most of my texts are in draft.
  • As an Australian, my exclusive rights to my own titles are protected, and the preceding drafts and stages of development and
  • designs are protected as I am the writer and in most cases the designer as well.
  • I still own the exclusive rights to all of the titles below.  For further information, please email me on
  • My cover designs for Kingdom of Nerada and Galaxy Trotters have been designed by professional designers and I own the rights to these covers too.

Hello Series: Hello China seven titles by Marie Lukic

Historical Non-Fiction:

  • LAOZI (history)
  • MAO ZEDONG (history)
  • SILK SECRET  (history)

Fiction & Drama:

  • WEAVING MAIDEN Myth (An original retelling by Marie Lukic)
  • SILK (My strikingly original verse play based on the Weaving Maiden creation myth & the history of silk.
  • Perfect as a late primary or early secondary introduction to verse, my original play features Shakespearean elements of style. )
  • WILLOW PATTERN STORY (Marie Lukic’s retelling of this ancient tale.)
  • WILLOW PATTERN PLAY (Marie Lukic’s original play.)
  • GALAXY TROTTERS on a planet hopping quest  (Sid Hartha Publishers) by Marie Lukic
  • Galaxy Trotters Activities (revised in print)
  • Gablestone: Furnesse (draft on kdp first hundred pages or so only) by Marie Lukic                                             

SILVER GRAIL SERIES written exclusively by Marie Lukic

(Sacral Culture Marie Lukic’s patent no: DEP636308807558632990Hs21.05.2017 includes Silver Grail.)

Note: I have written, designed and illustrated the following texts.  The patent began with my personal poetry collection, which I developed to include the Mind, Body, Soul trilogy, based on an exploration of philosophy and strategies. I have also included my autobiographical travel articles in Chrysalis. I have designed my own covers and not included the original professionally designed cover though this exemplary cover may be used at a later date. Each design I have thus far incorporated is exclusively owned by me. I have included leased illustrations in these covers.

  • Heaven’s Station & the Angels of the Gold Door poetry collection written by Marie Lukic that inspired by decision to generate culture.
  • Chrysalis
  • Germination
  • Transcendence/Transcendent

Family History (Sacral Culture patent continued. I am intending to complete revision to these beautifully illustrated texts next year. They are private texts at present.)

My family histories are researched texts, so contain not only my own discussion and analysis of existing or researched history, but also relevant interviews and extracts.  I am the sole creator and designer of the entire texts, but have included important and relevant historical data. 

  • Street Family History United Kingdom & Australia by Marie Lukic
  • Street Family History Northern Italy & Australia by Marie Lukic
Children’s Fantasy novels written by Marie Lukic
This is a very exciting period. I am currently restructuring my first two novels and should have them available during the next few weeks.

I will let the public know when I have  completed the refined novels. These are exclusively mine ie. Marie Lukic owns the rights to the entire novels, including the design. I have employed a designer to design the preferred covers.

  • Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon
  • Doughnut Dungeon

Rights reversion

Pasquale’s Gift right reverted to me from the original Australian publisher years ago.  I own the title and am considered ‘sole creator.’ I have permission to publish and sell author copies from the original publisher, Thomas Nelson.

Galaxy Trotters rights have, of course reverted to me, from Sidhartha publishers. I have copies of Galaxy Trotters available in boxes after purchasing them from the warehouse where I stored them, prior to Dennis Jones closure. I have approximately an estimated 500 books for sale and Galaxy Trotters received rave reviews.


Fantastic Dragons Anthology: technically I own the rights to this anthology as well and worked for myself as a sole trader while developing and designing this anthology over approximately seven months. While in a leading literacy position, I applied for a student youth arts grant from Northern Grampians for a publication of student writing.  My position as leading literacy finished, due to a shortfall in funding, so I fulfilled my commitment to the school by working as a sole trader and designing and illustrating the student short stories without pay. The  entire proceeds of the grant covered half the cost of printing. I launched the anthology in the hall with the students and community. The anthology is now on Google Play and no royalties have been received by me, the only person entitled to royalties. I am happy to donate if and when anthology sales soar and I receive payment. I have discovered Fantastic Dragons is a very effective classroom text.