I am an occasional poet. Poetry emerges naturally and spasmodically as I compose children’s fiction, or when I am inspired by research and writing. For example, when I write fantasy, I may compose accompanying poetry to enhance the reading experience. When I wrote my Hello China play Silk, the years of study in Shakespeare at university bubbled to the surface and accented my play, or so I believe. In writing my Hello China  Laozi, I grew inspired by Laozi’s couplets and philosophy, so included poetry to reflect my vision and understanding of the Dao.

Why can I write poetry? My background is such that I have years of training at Trinity as a young girl. I also studied literature at university and specialised in English throughout my education, English rich in poetic tradition. Whether it be metaphysical or free verse, my language naturally forms poetically and flows onto the page. In Silver Grail, poetry began my journey towards understanding my family’s ancestral past. On other occasions, I walk and discover aspects of life and nature. In Kingdom of Nerada, Doughnut Dungeon, I include verse within the narrative in the hope the language will enhance literacy and reading skills. Kingdom of Nerada is currently under revision and will soon be available in a revised edition though early digital is available on kdp.


Tree Song

(Extract from Caves of Gablestone) a novel under development since 1997. Hope to finish it soon. These creatures are little villains.

Squilgee Tree Song

  • We’re the baby Squilgee!
  • We’re shadows in the trees
  • We’ll steal almost anything
  • We listen silently
  • In branches of great oaks
  • In old Furnesse Fog
  • We’re all too often soaked
  • Not far from Furnesse Moat
  • We have so little rest
  • We have a job to do
  • We don’t make any fuss
  • We know just what to do
  • We’ll ruin things for you!
  • We love to steal by night
  • Hide in crannies by daylight
  • We make our evening meals
  • From snacks of sacred tomes
  • And shiny mirror stones
  • We nibble old parchment
  • It’s old and very tasty
  • We poop on ancient stones
  • And make it very hasty
  • We transform into worms
  • And squirm and squirm and squirm
  • We work for Furnesse prince
  • Because he’s very mean
  • At least he pays plenty
  • And keeps us very clean
  • Though underneath
  • He’s very mean
  • We are the Baby Squilgee
  • And we don’t need to dream
  • So stay away from us
  • Before you start to scream!