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    Art for beginners: Flowers & Cottages

      Part of learning art is our discovery of style, linked with identity. This morning I had an epiphany. After weeks of lacklustre attempts, my style is likely to incorporate cottage art and flowers.   My paintings of gerbras are the first to enhance my mood. I feel joy when I look at them, which is a breakthrough.

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    International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day commemorates the struggles and victories of women throughout history. Frequently the question is Why do we have an international women’s day? Of course, it’s to celebrate choices women have won today, choices and freedoms often absent historically. We also celebrate the achievements of women in a range of occupations. In Australia women have the vote, may own property, have a career and an education. Gone are the days, at least theoretically, that married women had to resign from their occupation once they married.  Although we have won the right to equal pay, we experience interruptions due to family demands, and often have much less financial security. Equal…