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    Fantasy writing and Doughnut Dungeon

    Hi everyone, During the past two weeks I have rejigged my invigorated Doughnut Dungeon, Book 2 of the Kingdom of Nerada series.  This novel revolves around the doughnut maker, a storm and Isabella plus friends sheltering from the impact.  I hope the first two novels of the series are soon available. Can’t wait! Sleepy, Book 1 is still being fine-tuned.

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    Kingdom of Nerada update

    To all those interested in fantasy children’s fiction, I am currently refining the first two novels of my series. The background is that I began to self-publish in draft with KDP around 2018, but the novellas have been withdrawn until I have properly refined products. Book 1 Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon is now about 30,000 words, double the original length. I have included a more prominent element of magic to exemplify King Alfred’s transformation into King Ping, the king locked inside enchanted armour. I know many young readers enjoy characters speaking to each other, so dialogue is now a strong feature of Sleepy. Emerging friendships and relationships between…