Silver Grail Trilogy Mind Body Soul trilogy

The Silver Grail series focuses on heritage. Chrysalis engages in exploring the heritage of sacral space. Sacral space is a concept I have developed to identify important spaces. When we enter such space, we may have a sensory response. What is it we feel? Why do we feel? Sacral space may overlap with sacred space and many traditions, but encapsulates our physical responses to particular spaces. Such responses may vary from individual to individual, so what may be sacral to one may not resonate with another. Yet many respond to certain spaces, so what is it in sacral space that is inherently important and how can these elements be quantified and protected? Sacral space is one plank of sacral culture. Pristine locations may carry qualities and characteristics at risk of environmental damage.

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Marie Lukic believes in the grass roots germination of our culture via research and exploration. Germination is an entertaining and thought provoking journey. During the Covid 19 crisis, many have died and with each tragic death, we have lost personal history as well as loved ones. How much time do we have to germinate our own culture with the voices of our ancestry, our parents and culture? A perfect antidote to any form of racism, including inverse racism, Silver Grail enables us to share both our sacral culture and dumb and funny moments in rich and diverse contexts! Sacral culture and sharing empowers each of us to combat conflict peaceably. Note: I am strictly in favour of writers and self-publishers profiting from their own footwork, words and designs. Why not? I am in favour of profit and home to generate an income very soon from my patented, original titles, which I have solely written. 

See my wonderful cover below. I am becoming more accomplished at cover design, so it is a perfect design for Germination. Sudden tragedy afflicts the world daily. Silver Grail germinates culture. We are encouraged to give diversity voice. Each of us has our own silver grail to discover and develop, our own roadmap to contribute to our culture. Discovering our silver grail is challenging. I guess I wrote a hybrid journal and through it out, but the residue of understanding led me to write this trilogy, which contains wisdom and humour. I personally understand that the trilogy is an enjoyable, entertaining read and contains my own photos.
Germination in the creative process is the moment when we say ‘That’s it!’ and grasp the intrinsic nature, and road map of our project, so it takes root and grows. Germination is exciting. There are various germinations such as when we recognise the project itself has germinated into a product. We see the product of our work and say ‘That’s it! That’s what I have done!’ so germination is also linked to recognition of our accomplishments and the birth of the product. 

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In Silver Grail Transcendence Marie Lukic captures elusive elements in imagery and creativity. We explore the Sacred Feminine and the birth of the angel. This text includes the flow of images from the unconscious and discussion about the emergence of art and prescience. The magical realism and spiritual aspects forge the path of transcendent Silver Grail. The final stages include fascinating moments, leading to discoveries both beautiful and dramatic.  Reflection is an essential element of this enrichment process. Expect the unexpected as we traverse elements of Marie Lukic’s journey into the realm of transcendence.

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