Sci-fi & fantasy ‘Galaxy Trotters’ , described as ‘a great book’ is a space adventure.

Currently self-published on Google Play for $2.00 digital copy author copies…

                                                                                                                                                  Also available on Amazon Kindle

Praise for Galaxy Trotters by Marie Lukic

‘Beautifully written, a magical children’s fantasy story that will enthrall both girls and boys.’

–Sallie Muirden (PhD Creative Writing) poet, author of A Woman of Seville and winner of the HarperCollins Fiction Prize.

‘A True teenage adventure complete with UFOs and talking pigs…A great romp for all readers.’

–Wendy O’Hanlon (Acres Australia)

‘..A fantasmagorical adventure into galaxies unknown…’

John Morrow (John Morrow’s pick of the week)

Jasper De Joode UK Fantasy book review ‘A great book’ 8.4/10

Galaxy Trotters is on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge.