Silver Grail


  • The purpose of Silver Grail  is to complete our

  • quests to empower ourselves because

  • our voices count!

 My Sacral Culture patent now includes

fascinating, thought provoking Silver Grail  texts

  • Available on Google Play  & self-published by Marie C. Lukic

  • 1. Heaven’s Station & the Angels of the Gold Door

  • (The angels guard my poetry about  ancestry and life where my patent for Sacral Culture began.)
  • Below is my Silver Grail trilogy of Mind Body Soul texts

  • exploring  Sacral Culture. Emerging from my poetry, research and reflection on culture and identity, these texts are a fascinating discovery.


  • 2. Transcendence

    My elusive, fleeting reflection on transcendence in life, art, culture, religion and poetry includes elements of magical realism.

  • 3. Germination:

  • Enjoy my roadmap to germination, culture and heritage
  • 4. Chrysalis:

  • an excitingly speculative exploration of travel destinations, culture, poetry and sacral space