Silver Grail Family history

‘The Street Family’ draft cover. This cover features Mum on honeymoon in Bright in the Lea- Francis.

My Family History

During the past few years, I have developed an original approach to discovering and researching family history. My family history, the exciting history of the Street Family, has unfolded and become a couple of sensational illustrated texts, perfect for the family in future generations. I am still finalising my texts and may incorporate aspects in forthcoming historical novels.  Interviews and research, historic memorabilia, consolidation and reflection are at the heart of my Street Family history. I take one step at a time. I call it my Silver Grail family heritage.

On Dad, Ray Street’s side, life in Ireland during the potato famine led my great-grandmother, Catherine Shields  to emigrate to Australia around 1850 where she met my Great Grandfather Charles Street, a cook who had emigrated from England. While Catherine swore she would never marry a protestant or an Englishman, Mrs Henty, for whom Catherine worked in Portland, Victoria, had other ideas. Catherine married Charles and lived in a whaling station where  whale oil was  manufactured in Portland. Charles sailed in the Henty ships where he was employed as a cook while Catherine is said to have cared for the Henty children.

They moved to Richmond and Catherine Street became revered as a proud and successful pioneer. Charles left her a widow after a relatively early death and died at the Excelsior Hotel where he worked as a cook.Yes, the above covers are mainly of the much loved Street Family residence, Clairvaux, in Fairfield, Victoria, but my covers are all in draft. Next, I have the Father Daughter Family History cover too for Book 1, the same Street Family book 1 text, as well,  which is where my journey began!

Cover design is a huge challenge as we take a central core idea or theme and attempt to design a cover to reflect content of the text. We think it is all about professional covers, but even to approach a cover designer, we need our own concept fully mapped the dynamic and emphasis deciphered–so these covers are very important and represent part of my journey. Father Daughter Family History is my knockout theme, so moving and central to my journey in Book1 Silver Grail Street Family History. The amount of planning, discussion and number of interviews all ensure Book 1 Street Family is very special indeed. Nor it is quite refined enough yet to publish, so is only available to family. The text shares the wisdom of our family’s approach and their success. Dad was a practical man and very accomplished in all areas, including his professional life as an electrical engineer.

I have bound a few copies in draft for family. Unlike proper geneaologists and family historians, my approach varies and incorporates poetic elements, personal elements, and like many historians I have included a sense of journey. This grass roots approach builds up our understanding of identity and culture, and is part of my Silver Grail approach to culture. I am currently also researching my mother, Riva Street’s important family history, which also began in the Victorian goldfields and is not yet available at all.