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As our new year begins and everyone,  children and teachers, prepare to return to school, I am refining my Kingdom of Nerada series. At present Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon is in galley, printed by the wonderful Ingram, and in the forthcoming months, to be available to the general public with sequels to follow. I am ML, a sole trader, sole owner of my own writing enterprise, working alone, but employing an advisor and designer(s) whose wondrous designs have brought my novel to life for young readers.  I have also designed several  covers with unexpected results. See my Germination cover, one of my Silver Grail series, which combine folk wisdom, narratives, poetry and prose to amuse those with a sense of humour, and to uplift those who may be down in the dumps. Though I cannot guarantee my series will work, Silver Grail is designed to empower people.

Why the delay in publishing my revised and developed Kingdom of Nerada Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon? I have encountered numerous minor challenges, such as small typos, perhaps partly from a skipping cursor, or an unauthorised editor making ill-advised alterations and unexpected file switches to my beautiful children’s fantasy novel, which are all totally frustrating, but may be normal hurdles for an entrepreneurial writer, editor and sole creator like myself. Such changes have ensured I could not easily capitalise on Christmas sales. This delay has led to new discoveries that ensure a very exciting Kingdom of Nerada  series, which I am proud to release later this year.

Now, I am inviting film producers e.g. Crawford Productions to consider requesting a copy of my novel when it is released with the view to creating a movie script(s) of the series. With the right grant, we could quickly employ wonderful script writers, or I could write the script myself as I have already created plenty of dialogue, and of course, the goal is as always to make millions for myself. Once I have made millions, which is not part of my journey at present, I have major opportunities to plan how my millions will be spent and have an overpowering sense that I could assist the world, beginning with my beloved country, Australia.

We need to prove Australian writers are able to win the battle to earn a living, especially when they have talent, such as my talent–and years of specific training–such as my training. This is a great opportunity, don’t you think? I also invite the Arts Council to request a copy of my galley with the view to providing a grant. Children and young adults require Australian fictional texts and films. The world is our oyster!

Game-makers may also be interested in my delightful battle scenes between pig-farmer Heinrich Merryman and Cyclops Ponder Spinner. I am inviting game makers to present themselves to me with the idea of funding from the Arts Council to support my delightful fantasy series.

On the health front, I am a great believer in recovery. I have recovered from many minor ailments and at the age of 64 am still full of life and enthusiasm! On the teaching front, I am still considering my options as I enjoy teaching, but am currently self-employed as an unpaid writer, hoping to make millions in my own MLs sole tradership. Investing  in my own talent and hoping my novels will soon reach fruition is my journey this year.  Kingdom of Nerada may have three novels soon, with a fourth to plan and write. Being a sole trader and writer is full of unpredictable challenges. I am looking forward to a fulfilling journey this year as I move forward with my beautiful fantasy series for children/young adult.

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I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.

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