Christmas morning 2023

Wishing my readers and their families a wonderful Christmas and New Year this rainy Christmas morning in Melbourne. Our day will be the usual Christmas dinner with turkey, ham and chicken accompanied by a range of salads–most of which I am about to begin creating. I like everything to be fresh.  Fortunately, my wonderful husband has baked the ham, which looks brilliant. My daughter has provided a tantalising array of delectable gluten free desserts, including macaroons. I have a pav ready to cream and fruit ready to go.  The presents are under the tree and I have gone overboard with kids’ gifts. I have even tried scrapbooking with a foil cover after being inspired by YouTube. It is a dodgy little first scrapbook for one of my grandchildren, but my efforts can only improve. Lots of embossing hearts, stars, printed tape and my mobile phone photos displaying her first hours and years.

Earlier this year I worked on refining my novel and learning InDesign. I am hopeful Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon will soon be available. The novel is entertaining read for children. It will be a great excitement when I finally launch this lovely novel.

We have just returned from a cruise around New Zealand, a simply beautiful country to visit.  The Grand Princess, once the largest cruise ship in the world,  provided outstanding entertainment with several brilliant singers, an entertaining violinist, a band,  dancers  and a simply gorgeous cruise director, Karen.  Entertaining live shows   were dished out every evening! Our first cruise, in a generous sized mini-suite, provided not only visits to the usual key cities, but entry into New Zealand’s less accessible national parks, such as Fjordland and Milford Sound. New Zealanders themselves, boarded the Grand Princess, to see these natural wonders.  Staff were lovely and the buffet provided was brilliant. Fine dining aboard included a range of international restaurants. There were plenty of galleries and art to view, buy and discover for art lovers.

I  guess I need to prepare now.   Merry Christmas. I hope to have bigger and better publications next year as I refine my technological skills. My discovery of the art world and skill development may eventually add another dimension to my books too.   Seasons Greeting to you and your families.  Marie Lukic









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