Kingdom of Nerada update

To all those interested in fantasy children’s fiction, I am currently refining the first two novels of my series. The background is that I began to self-publish in draft with KDP around 2018, but the novellas have been withdrawn until I have properly refined products. Book 1 Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon is now about 30,000 words, double the original length. I have included a more prominent element of magic to exemplify King Alfred’s transformation into King Ping, the king locked inside enchanted armour. I know many young readers enjoy characters speaking to each other, so dialogue is now a strong feature of Sleepy. Emerging friendships and relationships between the characters, especially Isabella, her cousin Arnold Esiwell, and her suitor, Heinrich Merrimen, are developing.

As I have Sleepy read, I have commenced refining Book 11 of the series Doughnut Dungeon. I developed new sections of Doughnut Dungeon prior to refining Sleepy, so my second novel is now 28,000 words with a couple more chapters to complete. Doughnut Dungeon centres around a storm and the doughnut maker, Seral springs to life as a hero. The other character of prominence is the daughter of Triton, grand daughter of Neptune, Princess Neread, a silent sireni who guards the Kingdom of Nerada.  The central protagonist is Isabella who seeks a permanent cure for his sick mother. The doughnuts are not just any doughnuts, but are made from a super-secret-magical-dough , which contains rare herbs and ingredients that are healthy and beneficial. These doughnuts include the dragon-catcher-doughnut and the mermaid doughnut as well as many more. I have written Doughnut Dungeon partly in playful verse, which enhances literacy and ensures the novel has high readability.

At present the new drafts don’t include illustrations though my website contains important and relevant illustrations. Young readers may visit my posts and discover illustrations. I will work on this aspect to ensure the illustrations are accessible for readers in the future. If I decide to include illustrations, I will let readers know.

I cannot yet say when my works will be published, but I am hoping it will be prior to Easter.



I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.


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