2023 February update Kingdom of Nerada series

The fine tuning of Sleepy continues as I check each line to ensure no errors have slipped in. The novel is shaping up and looks great, especially for junior fantasy and fairytale fans at Grade 5-7. My next great challenge is to ensure Book 11: Doughnut Dungeon is up-to-speed and ties in with book 1 Sleepy well enough. I rewrote Doughnut Dungeon by developing new sections prior to my restructure of Sleepy, so I do hope to have Doughnut Dungeon finished soon and ready to add to my list of refined publications. Writing series has its own unique challenges and takes years of development.

Can Australian writers earn a living? Not yet with $3.50 on the radar last year and substantial costs mounting, but I am yet to play the game properly with promotions etc.

This  period has been exciting, but no one tells writers, we need to recheck our documents continually to refine them and ensure those pesky little errors don’t creep in. Time is money too, so when planning a time line, I recommend we add three months to obliterate repeated errors. How annoying is this? I will write the film scripts to follow my children’s novels soon too.

Furthermore, Book 11 of my Street Family History (Swiss Italian and Australian relevant) is of the utmost importance. My second Street family history is  a sensational project.

Once all these titles are finished, I would love to return to teaching English and Humanities  in the classroom. It’s just so important now to refine these novels and research works too though I do miss teaching. Currently, the above documents and texts are private documents.




I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.

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