2023 Marie Lukic Self Employment update

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year and all the best for your health and employment prospects this year. My position is that I am completing and refining ‘Sleepy’, my children’s novel, so am self-employed at present–and like most hoping to profit highly from my individual enterprise and hard work. This process of writing Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon has taken far longer than expected due to challenges refining my draft, so I am currently attempting to arrive at a final children’s book manuscript, ready for self-publication.

I will contact employers when I am ready to return to teaching and other employment, but have goals that require my children’s books to be excellent before I finalise them.

So my ‘Sleepy’ manuscript is a privately owned literary text and currently unavailable to others until I send it to my appropriate self-publisher.  Just letting my good friends and former employers know. You have been kind in the past and I have enjoyed employment with you and studies in several educational institutions.

If you have inadvertently been sent a copy of my private manuscript and fear privacy issues, please delete my literary file as no one should have a copy of my text, a private text owned and written solely by myself.


Cheers, hope to be available for well- paid work very soon.


The aspiring established novelist,


Marie Lukic

I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.


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