Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon fantasy writing update

Fantasy writing is a treasure trove of experience. I am on the home run now as I realign my final chapters, which require substantial rewriting due to the structural  development of the early sequences. It is amazing how quickly the fantasy novel is now developing with one more dragon flight added today in the final chapters. More dragon cures are essential if Queen Maryanne is to survive.

Learning technology enhances my control over language, which is very useful in the mastery of novel writing. I guess that sounds ambiguous, but we have to ensure that our skills are represented in all excellence, and control of technology empowers us to manage this aspect of the journey effectively.

The dragon screeches and roars in the forest  as the children’s journey reaches the climax. They are yet to meet the sleepy dragon though the whelp’s mother figures prominently in the preceding flight sequences.

At last  the whelp has woken after a century long sleep, due the Sleepy Faery’s spell, for she is also the bad-faery-of-the-Abyss.

So the final chapters merge together freshly and effectively. The words are escalating from 20,000 to close to 40,000 words as I chisel out the dialogue and plot details of my exciting children’s novel, ‘Sleepy‘.


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