Another day refining Kingdom of Nerada series book 1 ‘Sleepy’!

Today I began early and spent a full six hours refining and developing aspects of Sleepy, aka Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon. It’s amazing the way, we make changes, streamline and develop our literary works, only to discover the dumb bits creep back into the text. I find this aspect of self-editing annoying…

The challenge for many writers is to generate original literary stories with plot, theme, characters and ticking bombs for suspense. This generating material from scratch requires successive realisations, during which we define and delineate our territory. The path, though well travelled, is never simple, for there is, I would argue another level in developing our literary assets. This level is about focus.

So which aspects of each element of our fairytales and fantasy do we wish to emphasise? The sheer indulgence of larger than life fantasy is hugely challenging to generate, I would argue.  Now, the greater the talent, the more we attract challenges, I would also add. The greatest challenge is to complete properly developed, exciting children’s fictional assets, and sell these to the appropriate audience. The audience for fairytales may simply be children, but many adults love fantasy and children’s fairytales too. So there is a hidden audience we seek to access and sell our assets to when we write novels.

The ultimate goal is to earn a living in a challenging field without fear of being exploited. This monetary reward is accompanied by a well-thought out business plan. Business is my next challenge, given that I have paid my way so far, and am yet to strike the gold that should accompany such cleverness and capacity to create opportunities for humour and enjoyment.

A business plan should heighten my capacity for success, and ensure I soar upward in a  spectacular trajectory…like my wondrous dragons.So  I have much to learn. My books are my assets. I have developed them from scratch and that’s hard work, but the business side is another field altogether.


by Marie Lukic

Melbourne, Australia


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