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Is this Sowelu or the Grand Ham?

Dear book retailers & Literary Agents


If you are looking for stock of my fabulous children’s fiction, Galaxy Trotters, this great novel is still available in first edition.  I am willing to sign it if you like too. What an opportunity! My children’s sci fi fantasy novel received rave reviews and is currently listed on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. I still have author copies in boxes, so the lead-up to Christmas is a great opportunity to stock up on first editions. and is

Said to be fun to read for all ages, and demonstrably witty and humorous, Galaxy Trotters is a great opportunity to become educated about planets and romance as poor Sowelu, our flying pig, has lost Romeo and is on an interplanetary quest to find him! I can even print a poster or two for shops. Isn’t the pig adorable?

Originally, published by Sidhartha Publishers, this book is simply a gorgeous children’s sci-fi fantasy work. My novel is set in a fictional Melbourne area and a range of planets.

One adoring fan begged me to write a sequel, but I have not had time though it is available on Google Play and KDP in digital, and I have divided it into three parts for children who prefer short books though Galaxy Trotters is action-packed and enthralling.

My  novels are still available new in boxes.  I can deliver or courier them, if you are in short supply of great kids’ fiction for Christmas!

Cost, originally $20.00 per book is now negotiable.

Unfortunately, I have not yet printed the Kingdom of Nerada series Doughnut Dungeon and Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon as I am transforming my junior fantasy series into mega-spellbinding-success–great assets for me as a sole trader, Writing a novel from scratch, designing (the covers are designed by a great designer, Christina) and illustrating is a tremendous challenge, but ultimately very rewarding, I hope.

I will let you all know when Kingdom of Nerada books are available!

Literary Agents

By the way, any literary agent, business whizz, who would love to make me a fortune, may contact me via email on my website



Marie Lukic

Melbourne, Australia


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I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.


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