Cyclops Twig Spinner ‘Sleepy’ update


Hi to everyone,

My goal is to continue to refine and develop ‘Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon‘  to captivate young readers. I wish to thank those of you who purchased the early draft of ‘Sleepy‘ and hope to have a fully refined and exciting children’s fairytale fantasy available soon.

‘Sleepy’ requires delineation, so readers access the story easily. Plot tensioning and fine-tuning may well lead to success.

My latest development lies in the characterisation of cyclops, Abby Spinner and her baby, Twig Spinner, who visit the arena to plead for Ponder’s release from slavery. Ponder’s poor otheralf, Abby, is struggling to cope with  Twig, because he has a special power. He’s a spinner  and his spinning is unique.

Ponder has proven  quite an asset to King Ping, so he asks what he will receive in return.  During warfare, the enemies take one look at Ponder, panic and run.



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