Dragon Bristles!

On occasions during the writing process, we discover something brilliant, like DRAGON BRISTLES…These discoveries make excellent original titles or chapter headings. What I find is that when I have something really strikingly important like DRAGON BRISTLES, it tends to vanish, somewhat tragically disappear like a mirage — or in some way become less prominent. Does this issue affect other writers? The unofficial editing process, which most writers including myself are usually unaware, may camouflage our witty, clever, ingenious train of thought–and it may end up somewhere else–in someone else’s work. Fortunately, DRAGON BRISTLES are still in my story, but I reinserted my Dragon Bristle chapter heading, the one I loved.  Yet, we all know how simple it is for a few words to slide off a page as it occurs all the time, but the question is to scrutinise which words are slipping sliding away.

So what are dragon bristles? Dragon bristles, the little known bristles from a dragon’s back,  are a magical cure for Queen Maryanne’s illness in ‘Sleepy.‘ But there’s more and much, much more! To what extent do dragon bristles work?

My restructure of the first book in the Kingdom of Nerada series, Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon is now improving my children’s novel, but I have another layer of writing to ensure consistency.  The subtext and less prominent characters are emerging, and taking surprisingly prominent roles. So is  the pressure-cooker-politics of the Kingdom of Nerada itself, embodied in such characters. A break-through with my  Contents, means my design is looking better, though my contents disappears  often. The fonts are now consistent with my original design. Nevertheless, the hard work lies, as always, in the process of writing a ‘damn good novel!’

Here’s to DRAGON BRISTLES and the cures of the future! Making a living as a writer is a supreme challenge…Most of all, control of our discoveries and ingenuity is about being on our own territory and rereading our novels, which is a challenge. I still have a long way to go to refine ‘Sleepy‘, but the journey is a fascinating one. You know what it’s like, reading a fairy tale, or deeply engaging fantasy, we are submerged in a  particular mood, similar to dream, and filled with wonderful faery and monsters. Such is my goal. I am striving to create a faery-dragon-merworld fantasy with DRAGON BRISTLES for kids! Why not?




Illustration of girl & dragon: Shutterstock Picture Library

I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.

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