Coincidence & ‘Sleepy’ October 13, 2022

Coincidence the manipulator and joker!

Coincidence is on my mind. More than simply playing tricks and jokes, coincidence is an extraordinary topic, don’t you think? Coincidence spins my wheels. Is coincidence a master of illusion or simply a trickster? Hope to write a book featuring coincidence one day. Is coincidence magic, science or supernatural? In the middle ages, coincidence was thought to be magic. Today I believe it is not easily quantifiable. Proctor represents coincidence. He’s a character in my novel Galaxy Trotters, a villain no less. Coincidence is also often irrational, surprising and totally unreasonable, but relies on recognition. Fuzzy logic capitalises on coincidence too. Could coincidence be administered as a social experiment? Furthermore, coincidence manipulates our points-of-view and requires questioning and scrutinizing.

Have any of you experienced unusual coincidences? Feel free to share here.

Coincidence may be historical, current or both. Coincidence may fall into any category at all.

Kingdom of Nerada ‘Sleepy’ update!

 Writing Fairytale & Fantasy novels

More than a novel, Sleepy is an untamable dragon! I feel as though I am fighting a monster as I restructure the chapters cunningly to ensure the content captivates young readers. I am still a draft or two away from a refined work though my early novel (2018)’Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon’  is available in draft from KDP. I’m looking for that ‘sense of place’ to kick in as Arnold would recommend, but place is still patchy and requires further envisioning. I am building descriptive detail. I love my cover, designed by Christina Street (Geller) with this entrancing dragon illustration by Natalia Cernecka, which I have leased from Shutterstock.
Completing a literary major at uni in the late 70s and early 80s (Latrobe Uni) ensures my restructuring skills help me to refine my literary architecture. Nevertheless, my novels develop in layers and levels –but require reflection and discovery. Surprisingly, I am at the plotting stage again now and riddles are featuring along with the potential for ritual  to reinforce the novel’s fairytale purpose.
Ritual is often a characteristic of my style, ritual born from tradition and heritage. I sense a powerful dynamic evolving that will gather magnitude and ultimately sweep my fairytale to shore.
For many, improving a text is simply ‘place a full stop here’ and ‘a space there’, but I find writing the novel is an evolving process, filled with challenges and levels of development. Yesterday I thought I would complete the redraft in a few days–but life has intervened today, so the process will take longer. I am self-publishing and enjoying the journey.

Feel free to share your experiences writing fairytales and fantasy.


I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.

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