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Hi everyone,


Today I continued to design pages for my website, so I have placed my texts on my site–not that I can see them yet–but the pages are a start.  I have gone from utterly hopeless to designing four or five pages,  mostly featuring my $1.00 texts on Google Play, which is great fun. Voice is very important. Everybody needs a voice and this is mine. Now, I must mention that I have not necessarily played my strongest suit yet. I am seeing whether I can trust my website first. Besides, writing children’s fantasy is filled with challenges and takes forever to master even though I have completed a successful novel before. I know you are also likely to be interested in my other unlisted texts, but they are still under development. Now, I guess you want to know why my dodgy poetry is more expensive than my masterpieces. It is because my dodgy poetry is more about family–so the truth is I don’t much mind people not buying it, and the simplest way to discourage is to increase the price on Google Play. The poetry is okay though and approved for proper publication, which is great. I also love my gold cover though it is equally as dodgy as my poetry itself. Self publishing is not simply a cheapskates’ approach–but a reflection of my experience–and the fact we have to wait for so long to receive a response. I have reached the conclusion that I won’t wait any longer because it is now my time to surge ahead. Voice is integral to culture. We speak of cultural diversity and it is time for us all to own our own voices and contribute a reflection of our culture–generate culture–so our children and their children have an understanding of history and identity–so that is intrinsic to Silver Grail.

I am Marie Lukic, the owner of the website. I am a writer, a teacher and research family history.

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