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About Marie C. Lukic

I am a Melbourne, Victoria, Australian based writer, teacher, book creator.

I am currently self-employed and a sole trader.

A few things I do…

I enjoy contrast and thrive on challenge.


Our voices count!


Although I am an established writer, with a range of professional publications, most recently I have self-published online.


Children’s Fiction

  • My debut sci-fi novel Galaxy Trotters was highly acclaimed.
  • Kingdom of Nerada series, Doughnut Dungeon & Isabella Airyfairyabelous & the Sleepy Dragon, are junior fantasy novels that should soon be available in digital.

Mind Body Soul trilogy

Poetry and plays.


I run workshops and am available as a guest speaker.

I design in word.

I am developing marbling and bookbinding skills.

The secret of success


Life is far more exciting when we include discoveries.

Marie Lukic